15 September - Day 2- Af* Day

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Day 2 of the AIS 20 Online Meeting was dedicated to AF* updates. The day started with a welcome message from Pierre Ouedraogo. Moctar Yedaly from the African Union Commission (AUC) gave the opening speech, highlighting the commitment of the African Union Commission to develop the ICT and its use in Africa. He noted the importance of working closely with each other, as part of harnessing opportunities available to Af* organisations, to grow the Internet in Africa.

Prof. Nii Quaynor and Alain Aina then took the meeting through the history of Africa Internet. They noted the important role Af* organisations have played in the development of the Internet in Africa. Their presentations also outlined the guiding and binding principles that characterise Af* organisations as well as some of the challenges they face. Prof. Kilnam Chon made a brief presentation on the history of the Asia Pacific Internet Project (AP*) which includes collaborating with Af* organisations for more than 20 years. Prof Chon paid tribute to Prof. Quaynor for his commitment to the development and use of the Internet in Africa. He especially praised Prof. Quaynor for his ability to mobilise organisations to build accessible and resilient Internet in Africa.

Adiel Apklogan and Alan Barett moderated panels detailing the work and achievements of the Af* organisations.

The updates were given by:

  • Nancy Dotse on AfNOG activities and projects
  • Eddy Kayiuhra, the CEO of AFRINIC on the organisation's services
  • Ali Hadji Mmadi, the chair of Executive Committee of the Africa Top Level Domain Name (AfTLD), on the 2019 AfTLD Activities and on some key agreements signed between AfTLD and some Af* organisations
  • Mouhamet Diop, chair of African Registrar Association (AfRegistrar), shared details on AfRegistrar history, challenges and initiatives
  • Lucky Masilela, the CEO of DotAfrica, on DotAfrica's achievements from 2016 to 2019
  • The AFREN achievements and Initiatives were presented by Boubakar Barry
  • Jean-Robert Hountomey talked on AFRICACERT mission and activities as well as the challenges the organisation is facing in its attempts to make Africa Digital ecosystem safer for business, data and personal security
  • ISOC Africa update was given by Dawit Bekele, the Director of ISOC Africa Bureau. Dawit talked about ISOC's technical, capacity building, policy and regulatory projects
  • Pierre Dandjinou, the Vice President of ICANN for Africa, highlighted the history of ICANN for Africa (AfrICANN), its mission and objectives as well as how Africa can engage more with ICANN.

The session was followed by a presentation by Pierre Dandjinou. He talked about the Africa Internet Institutional History from a new perspective. Dandjinou spoke on a new approach to writing the story of the African Internet in a collaborative manner. In his proposal, Dandjinou explained that the new approach will involve actors willing to contribute to history by offering their own or country perspectives. He said this should involve, among others, Af* organisations, the African Union and RECs.

The day ended with the Community Engagement session moderated by Alain Aina. This involved giving delegates an opportunity to ask questions, make comments and contribute to the discussions.

For more on what transpired on Day 2, please see https://2020.internetsummit.africa/en/agenda/programme,under the info section of the agenda.

See you on Day 3. The day will be dedicated to policy discussions under AFRINIC Public Policy engagement.





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