18 September - AFRINIC AGMM Day

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The curtain finally came down on AIS'20 Online. The first meeting held exclusively online went according to plan, and the Board Community Engagement, Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) and elections marked the final act of the event. During the AFRINIC AGMM on 18 September 2020, elections were held for four Board seats and one Governance Committee seat.

The following are the results of the elections:

Board Elections

• Board - Seat 4 (Central Africa), Serge Kabwika Ilunga, elected to serve a three-year term
• Board - Seat 6 (Eastern Africa), Abdalla Omari, elected to serve a two-year term.
• Board - Seat 3 (Indian Ocean), Subramanian Moonesamy, elected to serve a three-year term
• Board - Seat 8 (Non-Regional), Benjamin Eshun, elected to serve a three-year term.

PDWG Co-Chair: Abdulkarim Oloyede

NRO-NC Representative: Saul Stein to serve a three-year term

Governance Committee: Ali Hussein to serve a three-year term

Eddy Kayihura, AFRINIC's CEO, provided the AFRINIC Activities update and the AFRINIC Chair presented Board activity report. This was followed by presentations on AFRINIC's finances and budget. The highlights for the day included:

Total membership statistics peaked at 1760 members in 2019

Total membership fee income grew by 7.1%

A net surplus of $1,225K was recorded for the financial year ending 31 December 2019

The results have made it possible to further increase the total reserves to $5,857K

Total Reserves reflected a growth of 25.8%

View slides by clicking on individual presentations here.


Bylaws Amendments

Votes for Special resolutions for amendments to the AFRINIC Bylaws (SR1 to SR28) was conducted and here are the results.

The following resolutions passed.

SR 1, SR 2, SR 3, SR 5, SR 7, SR 8, SR 11, SR 13, SR 14, SR 16, SR 22, SR 24, SR 27, and SR 28.


Open Mic Session with the Community

The AFRINIC Board led a session with the community to examine issues relating to AFRINIC governance.

Some of the issues raised during this session were:

There is an abuse of the openness of the PDP

There is a lack of understanding and more effort from AFRINIC to support the understanding of the PDP and policies.

The need to have a consensus mentality in the PDP process

The need for AFRINIC to be community-oriented rather than profit-oriented

The need for being more inclusive for French contributors in the PDP


Thank you once again to all the delegates, members, the community and sponsors for making AIS'20 Online a success. We look forward to the next Annual Internet Summit next year.






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